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The new 'Dynamics Forms' module from Data Springs, makes it easier than ever to segment your data collection efforts. It's loaded with dynamic options such as easy-to use question set-ups, a variety of instant re-direct options based on their input, and the ability to quickly view the data for analysis.

Whether you use the information for marketing, sales, communications, scheduling, information requests, surveys, or to simply better understand their needs, the possibilities for creating powerfully effective forms are now easy and endless.
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Enterprise Forms is the first DotNetNuke module with an embeddable workflow engine for dynamic web forms generation and content management. It is a workflow enabled application providing business users and developers alike with the ability to develop form and content management systems. 
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Document Exchange 5 is the latest iteration of the premier document management solution for DotNetNuke.

With it you can turn your DNN installation into an incredibly capable document manager. Specify exactly who can see or edit content, document by document and build complex folder structures to reflect your management needs.
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The navigation suite comes with several built-in menu styles: vertical and horizontal. Gain a ultimate freedom to make your own menu style with XSL and samples. Can be used as a SkinObject and a normal module as well .

CSS and XSL files are included for customization. This offers a new way to extend the traditional way of navigation in DotnetNuke. Add this to your site and it will look totally different. Sometimes, your customers want to have different menu style than dropdown and this is the way. Or you have current skins and want to make them a bit better, more infomative? In addition with ready built-in styles, you have all the XSL source codes which is a lot easier to modify than DNN menu system. This is a only product allow you to have a complex menu system like other commercial sites and Search Engine Friendly (SEO) ready.
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UMG is a complete internet picture gallery and media gallery solution.
  • Create photo galleries with fully customizable flash player or in Lightbox view.
  • Subscribe to Flickr and Google Picasa and play their pictures on your website in professional-looking interface.
  • Create Headline view for news headlines, site navigation, and quick links.
  • Show real estate pictures with virtual tour effect.
  • Sell digital products online.
  • Present personal user gallery service and let your visitors to share their work.
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DNNBackup provides full backup and restore of any DotNetNuke Installation (complete DNN instances). The restore can be made back to the source server or to a new destination.

DNNBackup is perfect for moving DNN installations from your local development machine to a deployment server, from a remote server to another remote server or for archival purposes. Power users are free to customize many options. This Backup and Restore DotNetNuke module will work on ANY ISP, including shared servers like GoDaddy, WebHost4Life, Discount ASP and PowerDNN. DNNBackup is the evolution of BackupNative and BackupScript modules.
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Powerful, Ajax Enabled, Easy to Use.

Open Document Library offers an intuitive user interface that allows content to be structured at any level of complexity.

Documents can be stored in a folder as well as be assigned to multiple categories. Folders and categories can be nested to any level and users can be given the option to browse documents through the folders as well as the category trees.

The Xepient Open-DocumentLibrary and Open-SearchEngine modules have been acquired by DotNetNuke Corp. These modules are available for sale and any purchases will be supported by Xepient.

The modules will be integrated into the DotNetNuke Corp. product family in the near future. They may no longer be available for purchase after they are integrated. Support from Xepient will be available for existing customers if the modules are no longer available on Snowcovered.
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The major purpose of UVG can be divided to 3 parts:
  • Allow site users to add new videos
  • Encode uploaded videos for internet usage:
  • Play videos in flash video player
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Aggregator 6.0 (Tabbed Modules) is a flexible module that acts as a tabbed container or localization container for 1 or more modules.

  • Reduces clutter by combining modules together into an attractive tabbed interface
  • Makes your pages seem quicker and more responsive with client side operation
  • Matches the look and feel of your website with a powerful skinning engine
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Manage a single image or multiple images within a single module with Advanced Image. Dynamic image resizing, multi-image displays, resize on upload, titles, descriptions.
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