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With Random Rounded Images, you can select multiple images to display randomly when the module loads. For example, you can add 10 images to the module, and each time you refresh or load the page one of those images will be displayed randomly.

Additionally, you can select an optional setting where images will appear with rounded corners.
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UMG is a complete internet picture gallery and media gallery solution.
  • Create photo galleries with fully customizable flash player or in Lightbox view.
  • Subscribe to Flickr and Google Picasa and play their pictures on your website in professional-looking interface.
  • Create Headline view for news headlines, site navigation, and quick links.
  • Show real estate pictures with virtual tour effect.
  • Sell digital products online.
  • Present personal user gallery service and let your visitors to share their work.
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This is an independent review of Mandeeps LiveContent v1.2. The review looks at the module for its features, useability, functionality, ease of use, stability, value for money.

Module Details

According to Mandeeps, Live Content uses a web 2.0 approach to provide a rich user interface and streamlines content presentation by overlaying content on the current page.

Inspired from Mandeeps Live Images/Videos module, Live Content allows you to overlay images, videos, text/html content, DotNetNuke modules, and external content on the current page. Driven by CSS and layout templates; this module is limited by your imagination to create Image/Video Galleries, Product Showcase, ToolTips, Module Popper, etc...
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The major purpose of UVG can be divided to 3 parts:
  • Allow site users to add new videos
  • Encode uploaded videos for internet usage:
  • Play videos in flash video player
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The Info Pics Module allows you to display thumbnail pictures with information to the user about each picture, along with a detailed description regarding the set of pictures and several other optional links.
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The Flash Image Rotator displays selected images and then rotates between the images. Several extended and optional features allow you to select the time to rotate each image, fade between images, and also display the images in either sequential or random order.
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Manage a single image or multiple images within a single module with Advanced Image. Dynamic image resizing, multi-image displays, resize on upload, titles, descriptions.
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This is an independent review of ZLDNN Photo Album module for DotNetNuke® V3.x.

Alongside the review are 4 Flash Video Walk Throughs / Tutorials totalling 19 minutes to demonstrate the modules features and possible uses.

Module Details

Photo Album is a module for managing photos. The module displays the photos that have been uploaded through the module, thumbnails them and displays them in a single album.

  • Upload a single photo file or a zip file that contains photos
  • Add existing photos that are already in your portal
  • JPEG, BMP and TIF formats are supported (but not GIF)
  • Auto Resizing of images
  • Auto Thumbnailing of images
  • Configure the size of the thumbnails
  • Paging Support
  • Rotate and/or flip photos
  • View Order facility
  • Displays number of views
  • Scrolling option
  • Email a photo
  • Export and Import photographs
  • Searchable
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This is an independent review of Spohn Software Over and Out Images module for DotNetNuke® V3.x.

Alongside the review are 2 Flash Video Walk Throughs / Tutorials totalling 12 minutes to demonstrate the modules features and possible uses.

Module Details

Over and Out Images for DotNetNuke® 3.x is a module which extends the functionality of the standard core Images module.

  • Create an unlimited list of images in either a horizontal or vertical list
  • Add an alternate image that will be shown when the user moves their mouse over the image
  • An image can link to an external URL or page within your portal
  • Uses for this control, include:
    • Graphic menu system, displaying different images when the mouse moves over the selection
    • Adding a visual effect to your image when the user selects it
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This DotNetNuke® Video Tutorial demonstrates:
  • Adding the module to a page
  • How to add an image
  • How to upload an image
  • Setting alternate text
  • Width & Height
  • Displaying an image without the container
  • Scaling an image and file size
Time length: 5:26 min
Download Size: 4.7MB
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