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What does this give you?

  • Access to all 750+ DotNetNuke video tutorials, reviews, mp3s, articles on DNN Creative Magazine
  • Access to all future videos created over your year subscription
  • A new issue is released each month with new videos, tutorials, articles etc.

Further benefits

  • Forum support, if you are having problems understanding a tutorial, we will try our best to help you in the DNN Creative forum
  • Opportunity to request tutorials to suit your own needs. If there is a particular feature that you would like to learn in DotNetNuke, you can request it to be covered in a future issue of the magazine
  • Up to date – Books can soon go out of date when new versions of DotNetNuke are released so often. We keep the video tutorials up to date and provide all the information you need to learn any new features
  • Code Included – Any code that is used, for instance when creating skins, is available for download

What do the video tutorials cover?

They start with the basics of learning DotNetNuke from the Quick Start Guide right through to advanced administration tasks. Skinning tutorials walk you through the basics of skinning through to advanced pure CSS skins, menus, semantic code, sIFR etc.

The issues are created so that each issue builds on the knowledge learnt in an earlier issue. So if you are a beginner you will not be overloaded by jargon and complex techniques. As you progress through the issues advanced techniques are introduced. – We regularly receive comments from pro users that have been using DNN since version 1 or 2 regarding the new techniques that they have learnt.

We take pride in the quality of the videos.

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