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This is an independent review of Mandeeps LiveContent v1.2. The review looks at the module for its features, useability, functionality, ease of use, stability, value for money.

Module Details

According to Mandeeps, Live Content uses a web 2.0 approach to provide a rich user interface and streamlines content presentation by overlaying content on the current page.

Inspired from Mandeeps Live Images/Videos module, Live Content allows you to overlay images, videos, text/html content, DotNetNuke modules, and external content on the current page. Driven by CSS and layout templates; this module is limited by your imagination to create Image/Video Galleries, Product Showcase, ToolTips, Module Popper, etc...
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imgNick Westbury
Nick Westbury
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Merle Parkins
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Dave Allen
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Alexander Pires
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Brett Levert