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This DotNetNuke® Video Tutorial demonstrates:
  • Adding the module to a page
  • How to add an image
  • How to upload an image
  • Setting alternate text
  • Width & Height
  • Displaying an image without the container
  • Scaling an image and file size
Time length: 5:26 min
Download Size: 4.7MB
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This is an independant review of Rogue Proeliator News Items Module for DotNetNuke® V3.x by Lee Sykes.

Alongside the review are 4 Video Tutorials totalling 24 minutes to demonstrate the modules features and possible uses.

Module Details:

The News Items module allows the user to maintain a list of announcements and news briefs. The module is an expansion of the DotNetNuke® Core Announcements Module.

The News Items module supports the following components for each News Item:
  • Headline & News Text
  • "Audit" showing posted-by user and time
  • News Commentary
  • Parent-Child list relationship with links
  • Customizable Read More link
Additional Features
  • Auto View Order: Allows you to easily adjust the view order for all items in the module
  • Manage Expired Items: Provides a way to view, edit and delete items for the module which have passed the Expiration Date.
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This module allows registered users or anonymous users to send a referral to anyone via an internet email address.

The administrator can default the Subject, Header, Message and Footer, and choose whether these are editable by the user or not. The user's message is inserted between the Header and Footer and sent to it's destination. It is fully customizable and can be changed by tweaking the source.
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Free Resource Directory allows you to organize the resources of your portal in categories and sub categories. Users with permissions can submit new entries (files or links) or comment the entries.
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This is a Free independent review of Efficion Consulting’s Articles Module V3.1.5 and V3.2 Beta for DotNetNuke® V3.1 by Lee Sykes.

Alongside the review are 9 Flash Video Walk Throughs / Tutorials totalling 41 minutes to demonstrate the modules features and possible uses.

Throughout these nine videos we work through practical examples of using the module with a music website.

Module Details

The Articles module is basically an extension of the core's Announcements module. It adds several useful features including: listing can include an automatically thumbnailed image, article archives, searching, and Article details with Rich Text Editing (or option to link to Internal or External Page).

  • Rich Text Editing: Users can create content through a Rich Text Editor
  • Search: Users can search all articles in the portal
  • Archive: Users can view all articles by clicking on the More Articles... link. Alternatively a custom link can be input to display a particular page or subset of articles
  • Images: An image can be displayed for each article. Thumbnails are automatically generated based on a configrable MaxWidth parameter
  • Featured Articles: allows users to mark an Article as Featured and the Article List has an option to display only featured articles
  • Admins can choose which fields they want displayed in the ListView
  • Site Wide option: The Article List can display Articles from anywhere in the portal, not just articles specific to the module in which they were created
  • Incorporates Efficion's Categories Module to allow for filtering by category
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