Debugging a DotNetNuke Installation

Video 1 - Introduction to Profilers

  • Introduction
  • What are Profilers?
  • Two Kinds of Profilers
  • How to use Profilers to find Problems
  • Two common types of performance problems
  • Common Profiler Tools
Time Length: 2min 40secs

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Video 2 - SQL Profiler

  • How to get SQL Profiler
  • Running SQL Profiler
  • Connecting to a Database Server
  • Recreating the Performance Problem
  • Understanding SQL Profiler's Data
Time Length: 4min 08secs

Video 3 - DotTrace

  • How to get DotTrace
  • Running DotTrace
  • Profiling IIS
  • A word of Warning
  • Collecting Performance Data
  • Understanding the Thread Tree and Call Tree
  • Exploring the Call Tree
  • Diagnosing the Performance Issue
Time Length: 4min 46secs

Video 4 - Managed Stack Explorer

  • Managed Stack Explorer vs DotTrace
  • How to get Managed Stack Explorer
  • Exploring Processes
  • Exploring Threads
  • Exploring Stack Traces
  • Identifying the Problem
Time Length: 5min 14secs

Video 5 - WireShark

  • What is WireShark?
  • How do you get a copy of it?
  • Starting up WireShark
  • The problem: A broken flash module
  • Our first Wire-Tap
  • Converting Packets to Streams
  • Exploring the Flash Module's Stream
  • Identifying the Flash Module's Problem
Time Length: 5min 16secs
Total Time Length: 22min 4secs


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