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Document Exchange 5 is the latest iteration of the premier document management solution for DotNetNuke.

With it you can turn your DNN installation into an incredibly capable document manager. Specify exactly who can see or edit content, document by document and build complex folder structures to reflect your management needs.
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Powerful, Ajax Enabled, Easy to Use.

Open Document Library offers an intuitive user interface that allows content to be structured at any level of complexity.

Documents can be stored in a folder as well as be assigned to multiple categories. Folders and categories can be nested to any level and users can be given the option to browse documents through the folders as well as the category trees.

The Xepient Open-DocumentLibrary and Open-SearchEngine modules have been acquired by DotNetNuke Corp. These modules are available for sale and any purchases will be supported by Xepient.

The modules will be integrated into the DotNetNuke Corp. product family in the near future. They may no longer be available for purchase after they are integrated. Support from Xepient will be available for existing customers if the modules are no longer available on Snowcovered.
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