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A look at the benefits RSS brings to the end-user.

These points are not simple enhancements, but important advancements that can fundamentally change how internet content is consumed. Furthermore, these points themselves prove why marketers need to start implementing RSS now!

To bring the point home, let us inspect some of the content services already powered by RSS.
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The recent Forrester Research study, which claims that only 2% of online households in North America use RSS, took the internet marketing world by storm. Does this data really mean that marketers can still afford to ignore this channel?

Should marketers be interested in RSS now that so few online adults use it?

Is this the correct question to ask? Let’s take a look at the bigger picture …
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Marketers are constantly asking if RSS marketing works and if this can be proved.

We’re going to take a look at some real-life RSS metrics from real-life marketers. These will show you what kind of results you can expect to see from RSS.
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Contrary to popular opinion, RSS is not only good for delivering content from your blog, but has much more marketing and publishing potential.

In fact, RSS can be used to deliver a great variety of content and content types. If you can break down your content in to individual stories or individual pieces, you can deliver it via RSS.
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Contrary to general opinion, RSS meets the needs of even the most demanding direct marketer, actually providing most of what e-mail marketing does, except for the strong push factor.

Most direct marketing reasons against RSS are in fact the result of inadequate understanding of RSS by most marketers.
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Although RSS and blogs are slowly reaching mainstream, they are still missuderstood by most marketers in relation to each other and in relation to their relatives, e-zines and e-mail. How do these four really relate and what does this mean for your internet marketing strategy?
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This is an introduction to RSS. RSS is a technology that has the potential of overcoming many of the internet marketing challenges we are facing today and becoming a preferred tool to get 100% of your content delivered to your subscribers, as well as a tool to help you achieve top position search engine rankings.
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This is a 23minute mp3 interview discussing Google Sitemaps with software designer John Mueller who has created GSiteCrawler

Google Sitemaps: Are an essential tool for DotNetNuke® websites, they help you to inform Google of the pages that it should index.

John informs us of the steps you need to make when creating a sitemap and also the pitfalls to avoid.

GSiteCrawler is freeware software which automates the creation of Google sitemaps. It has a lot of essential functions for anyone who has a DotNetNuke® website.
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A question which always pops up in the forums is what is the best hosting provider for DotNetNuke®?

We have created an area in the forum, just to allow the DotNetNuke community to post up their current DotNetNuke Hosting Providers. Underneath this post, everyone who uses the provider can then add their own comments.

Once the list has grown large enough, we will pull all of the data together and make it easily readable in a spreadsheet or pdf. – Of course this will be a free resource for the community.

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If you are using the wrong keywords, your website will be lost in cyberspace and reaching the top 10 from a search result in Google will be a mere dream!

Here is a free 75 page guide produced by Wordtracker.

Having read through it in an hour, it is an invaluable resource.


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