How to create resizable text in DotNetNuke® - part 10


Video 1

  • Example of the current Vortex skin that does not enable the re-sizing of text
  • Downloading the new default.aspx file to upload to your DNN installation.
  • Uploading the default.aspx file to set up the XHTML Transitional 1.0
  • Doc Type for DotNetNuke
  • Demo of a problem it causes with blank space

Time Length: 5min 18secs

Video 2

  • Creating the Body Class
  • Additional classes, cleaning up the CSS code
  • The HouseMenuNav class
  • Classes up to Head class, details of the default and portal.css files and the inheritance problems

Time Length: 15min 32secs

Video 3

  • Subhead class
  • Setting up the Normal class for the Text/HTML module to use text-re-sizing – how to override the default.css file.
  • Grouping the Normal classes together to reduce the CSS code.
  • Viewing in Firefox & IE – demonstrate re-sizing of text
  • Demo of problems in IE – menu and footer background not displaying
  • Fixing the menu and footer background problem in IE

Time Length: 8min 35secs

Video 4

  • Skin object font settings – Skin Item Class
  • Viewing the Skin object items in IE, demonstration that they re-size
  • Setting up the Header Tags to use resizable text
  • Demo of Firefox – H1 Tag margin needs changing
  • IE6 – Sizing needs enabling on LINKS token
  • IE5.5 – All text is one size too large, even with the IE5/Win hack

Time Length: 8min 43secs

Video 5

  • Fixing H1 margin
  • Enabling Links token resizing
  • Editing body class to include td tags for IE5 / 5.5 to use the correct font size
  • Viewing the new CSS additions in IE5.5, Firefox, IE6
  • Fixing the Container title problem & viewing it
  • Changing the footer to sit towards the bottom of the skin
  • Fix for IE5.1 to center the skin
  • Viewing skin in various browsers: Firefox, IE6, IE5.5, IE5, Mozilla, IE7 beta2, Netscape, Opera
  • Demo of file size saving from using CSS Shorthand techniques

Time Length: 11min 37secs

Total Time Length: 49min 45secs

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