Using the DotNetNuke Core Reports Module

Video 1 - Introduction, Installation, Creating a DNN Database Structure Report

  • Introduction
  • Creating private report pages
  • Installing the reports module
  • Adding the reports module to a page
  • Overview of report module settings
  • How to create a report to display all the DotNetNuke database tables and columns
  • Testing the SQL query
  • Overview of the report view settings
  • Running the report manually
Time length: 8min 44secs

Video 2 - Table Prefix and Creating a ‘Last User Activity’ Report

  • Create a user reports page
  • About the DotNetNuke database table prefix
  • Locating table and column names from your database schema
  • How to create the SQL to ‘SELECT’ the needed tables and columns
  • How to prepend column names with table names
  • Instructing the database as to which main table to use
  • How to join two tables together
  • How to order results using ‘ORDER BY’
  • Testing the query
Time length: 6min 44secs

Video 3 - Creating the DotNetNuke SEO Report Stage 1

  • Creating the SEO report page
  • Selecting the columns containing the SEO information
  • Using table name shortcodes within your SQL queries
  • How to give a useful title to each group of information
  • Introduction to filtering the results within the SQL query
  • How to find the portal ID for use within the query
  • Selecting only public pages from the database
  • Selecting only pages from a specific portal
  • Ordering the results by site map priority
Time length: 5min 41secs

Video 4 - HTML Template Visualizers and Creating the DotNetNuke SEO Report Stage 2

  • Creating a blank HTML template visualizer
  • Introduction to template visualizers
  • How to add ‘tokens’ to display the report information within the template
  • Saving the template
  • How to allow the upload of HTML files to your DotNetNuke site
  • Uploading the HTML template
  • How to apply the template
  • HTML template layout and styling
Time length: 5min 02secs

Video 5 - TabID’s and Completing the DotNetNuke SEO Report

  • Introduction to TabID’s and page URL’s
  • Creating a clean, simple URL to use as a page link
  • Creating the page link around the page token
  • Inserting the TabID into the URL
  • Testing the page links
  • How to create an ‘edit page settings’ link for each result
  • Creating the edit settings link within the template
  • How to style the report results
  • Adding a horizontal rule between each result
Time length: 5min 56secs

Video 6 - Introduction To Dynamic Reports and Creating the ‘Content by User’ Report

  • Introduction to the report
  • Creating the ‘content by user’ report
  • How to use the COUNT command within the SQL query
  • Testing the report
  • Creating the secondary ‘content by specific user’ report
  • Displaying all pages by the host user
  • Testing the report
Time length: 5min 04secs

Video 7 - URL Parameters and Completing the ‘Content by Specific User’ Report

  • Adding an ‘allowed url parameter’ to ‘content by specific user’ report
  • Inserting the variable url parameter into the report query
  • Testing the report by adding the url parameter into the address bar
  • Creating an HTML template visualizer for the ‘content by user’ report
  • How to create a table layout
  • Adding the ‘pages’ and ‘name’ tokens into the table
  • Creating the link to the secondary report
  • How to send the UserID url parameter to the secondary report
  • Applying the template
  • Testing the report
Time length: 4min 52secs
Total time length:42min 03secs

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