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In this tutorial we walk you through step by step how to implement jQuery user interface components into your Open Web Studio applications.

We show you how to add a date picker, an intelligent auto complete text box and a tabbed interface.

The vast jQuery library of components allows you to easily provide any web application with an extremely rich user interface.

The videos contain:
  • Video 1 - Introduction and Preparing a Control Header
  • Video 2 - Navigating the jQuery Websites and Implementing a Date Picker
  • Video 3 - How to Implement the Auto Complete and Tabs Components
Total Time Length: 27min 56secs
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In this tutorial we show you how to create charts using DotNetMushroom Rapid Application Developer.

The new version of DNM RAD provides a simple to use but advanced control to create charts in a DNM RAD application. We walk you through step by step how to create the source tables followed by a line chart, a bar chart and a pie chart.
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In this tutorial we show you some advanced DotNetNuke Open Web Studio techniques for customizing the user experience in your DNN portal. We demonstrate several security controls for managing user access plus how to encrypt and decrypt query strings.

The videos contain:
  • Video 1 - Creating and Preparing a New OWS Configuration, Compiling User Details for Registering to the Target Portal
  • Video 2 - How to Automatically Register and Login a Current User Into Another Portal Through a HTML Link
  • Video 3 - Preparing the Target Portal to Accept the New User from the Source Portal
  • Video 4 - Authenticating the New User and Testing the Results
Total Time Length: 31min 30secs
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In this tutorial we explain in detail how to create a user registration module using DotNetMushroom RAD. We show you how to create a User Registration Form in DNM RAD and automatically insert these user credentials into the DotNetNuke Users table.
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In this tutorial we walk you through how to create and place Open Web Studio skin objects directly into your DotNetNuke skin.

We cover how to create an OWS menu and feedback form and how to convert those modules into DNN Skin Objects.

The videos contain:
  • Video 1 - Building the New OWS Configuration and Creating the Menu System
  • Video 2 - Placing the OWS Skin Object within the Skin File and Creating a Feedback Skin Object
Total Time Length: 18mins
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In this tutorial we look at the new features of DNM RAD and walk you through how to create a new data source, creating a linked table, creating a direct query and we preview the new color coded editor in DNM RAD 1.2 for DotNetNuke.
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In this tutorial we demonstrate how to create an Installable DotNetNuke PA (Private Assembly) Module using Open Web Studio.

A PA module is a standard module that you would install using the host menu / extensions option in DotNetNuke.

Throughout the tutorial we show you how to create a basic Contacts application using Open Web Studio and then how to package the OWS application so that it can be installed as a module to any DotNetNuke installation.

The videos contain:
  • Video 1 - How to Build a Contacts and Settings OWS Module
  • Video 2 - How to Create the DNN Installable PA Module Files
  • Video 3 - How to Create and Test the Installable PA Module Zip File
Total Time Length: 22min 46sec
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In this tutorial we demonstrate how to create a News Carousel using the DotNetMushroom RAD Module, JQuery and the JCarousel plug-in.

This article is a continuation of the How to Implement Paging using DotNetMushroom RAD. We will be adding some new forms into the News Application using the DotNetMushroom RAD Module. Using JQuery and the JCarousel plug-in we will implement two News Carousel designs.
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How to install and use 2 Advanced Administrator Control Panels for DotNetNuke. This includes an optimized version for faster page load times and a Ribbon Bar version for improved features.

The video contains:
  • Introduction
  • Optimised control panel
  • Page load time test result improvements
  • Ribbon Bar control panel
  • Features of the Ribbon Bar
  • How to download the advanced control panel
  • How to install the advanced control panel
  • How to apply one of the advanced control panels to your DotNetNuke installation
  • How to use the Ribbon Bar control panel
  • Page view modes
  • Page functions
  • Add functions
  • Add module functions
  • Copy an existing module
  • Reference an existing module
  • Common Tasks
  • Demonstration of the various control panel view options available
Time Length: 10min 47secs
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In this tutorial we demonstrate some very advanced techniques for building a car parts application in Open Web Studio.

Throughout the tutorial we cover form input, validation, how to use dependant drop down lists, populating checkbox lists and introduce a new concept of data level security. Data level security allows you to control which data a user can access within a module.

The videos contain:
  • Video 1 - How to Setup Form Validation
  • Video 2 - Car Parts Application, Assigning Security Roles into a Global Session Variable
  • Video 3 - How to Build the Categories Module with Data Level Security
  • Video 4 - How to Build the SubCategories Module and Use SubQuery
  • Video 5 - How to Build the Car Parts List Module
Total Time Length: 44min 19secs
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