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03/14/2017 5:02 PM  
I'm doing some research for an upcoming site and have a few questions. The new site will be in either DNN 8 or 9.

1) Is there a way to edit multiple user roles at once? Could be built-in functionality or a module. The site's users will have several roles that all expire on the same day. If those roles have to be updated manually, is there a way to update the expiration dates all at once instead of doing them one at a time?

2) Any ideas for a invoicing system, connection to Quick Books, etc.? They want to give their users the option of paying for their membership online or via check. They would also like to be able to track the "check" payments somehow and send the users an invoice if they don't pay soon after their registration on the website.

3) They are wanting to create a bar code that would be unique per user that they can scan for conferences, session hours, etc. Could print or pull up on a phone. Came across but am a little unsure of how it would work. I've reached out to the developer also. Any other options that might be out there that you know of?

4) Also looking for a module to replace the Renewal Reminder module from DataSprings. Have had some issues with it in the past and would like to find something that would work a little better in the future. Just something to send out an automated reminder email when a user's security role is 90, 60, 30, etc. days from expiring. Would also be great to group roles for this too - to be able to send out one email per user that has a list of all the roles expiring instead of having one email be sent out per role.

5) They want an online forum/community. Would you suggest the built-in Journal/Social Groups or is there something better out there? I've never used this before so unsure of how well it all works.

6) They will have a bunch of departments - department admin and sub-members. Is there a way for the department admins to edit only their sub-member's user accounts - contact info, roles, etc.? I found this but was wondering if there was any other options out there.

Thanks for any help or direction you can give!
Andy Stephenson DNN Creative
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03/16/2017 7:07 PM  
Sorry but this looks more like an RFP

Please break it down intro single threads. It will be very hard for someone alone to address all your points at once.