Announcements disappearing?
Last Post 07/15/2016 4:30 PM by Andy Stephenson DNN Creative. 1 Replies.
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Eve Julian

07/13/2016 2:58 PM  
I am using the Announcements module (4.0.3) on DNN (7.04.01). Recently I noticed that when I put a new announcement in the module on our home page, the most recent announcement disappears. It doesn't show up on the Current, Expired or Future lists either. It is like it never existed. I have never seen this behavior before and I have used the module frequently in the past. Thoughts?

Andy Stephenson DNN Creative
DNN Creative Staff
Nuke Master VI
Nuke Master VI

07/15/2016 4:30 PM  
Hi Eve,

I haven't seem that. I recommend that you post your question on the Issues of that module on GitHub

Give that a try.