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01/30/2018 3:05 PM  
I am trying to sync up files and folders in DNN 9.1.1. In DNN 6 and 7 I could create a folder in dnn file manager then I could upload a file via ftp and click on recrusive sync and the file would show up in DNN file manager as well as in the physical fpt account. It never worked that you could create or upload a folder via ftp in the portal's root and expect it to show in DNN file manager but you could create the folder in DNN file manager and upload files via ftp into the folder that was created in DNN which would show up in ftp client as well as DNN.

With DNN 9.1.1 when I uploada file via ftp (even if creating the folder in DNN) I can't seem to sync that file to show up in DNN site assets even when I choose to sync folders and sub folders.

The same is true in the other direction if I create a folder and upload a file through DNN file manager the file and folders shows up there but will not show up when viewing the portal root via ftp client. So I guess my question is this. Is there anyway where I can sync files so that when upladed in one plbace it would be reflected in the other so I don't see a different structure in DNN file system than I see when looking at the site portal in a ftp client like filezilla, ipswitch, or cuteftp even smartftp.

If you know any way to properly sunc folders and files in DNN so they both appear in DNN site assets as well as via ftp client that would be great. If you know of a way where I could upload a bulk amount of folders and files including sub folders in my ftp client and synching them through dNN so DNN will auto add records for folders and files in portal root that was uploaded via ftp. Whatever advise you could give would be very helpful.


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02/15/2018 10:21 AM  

There are no problems with sync files/folders in DNN 9 - They are working both ways - Via FTP and via File Manager. You might be looking at the wrong site via FTP.