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Justin Savage
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Nuke Newbie

09/19/2006 11:14 AM  

DNN Version: 3.2.2

Using Dreamweaver 8.0 and VB.NET 03 (These are ok to use right?)

I am VERY new to DNN. I have been doing alot of general research on DNN but since I don't really know much about HTML I think that is where my problem lies. I am trying to take the default Horizontal Menu Fixed width skin and make it a vertical fixed witdth. Or I would like to take the Vertical Menu Fixed width skin and change the treeview menu to a normal menu. I tried to edit the skin files for the Vertical and change everthing I saw from treeview to menu but my menu just disappears. If someone could explain this I would really appreciate it. Basically, I just don't like the treeview and want a vertical version of the menu in the horizontal skin. I tried to compare it to the "Simple Maple Leaf Skin" but it uses the housemenu and I am trying to learn this 1 piece at a time. Thank you for your time.


Lee Sykes
DNN Creative Staff
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Nuke Master VI

09/19/2006 11:26 AM  
Hello and welcome to the forum,

This tutorial: How to create a skin (using tables)
walks you through step by step all of the information that you need and it creates a vertical menu using the Solpart Menu rather than the tree menu. All of the code is available for download with the videos.

Dreamweaver is fine to use. I have demonstrated the skin tutorials using Visual Web Developer Express as it is a free programme with good features, but you can use any programme you are comfortable with.

If you are new to DNN and creating skins I would suggest working from Issue no 5 & 6 through to the latest issue as each issue builds on the knowledge from the previous issues. - If you are completely new to DNN you will get a good grounding in the functions of working with pages, security roles, modules etc by starting at Issue no 1.

Hope this helps to get you started, thanks,
Lee Sykes
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