DNN 4.3.3 VS 3.3.3
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Waqas Khan
Nuke Newbie
Nuke Newbie

09/16/2006 6:55 AM  
I need to choose a Version to develop a multilingual website using DotnetNuke. The portal with child portals will be created and some basic features like News,Articles,Blog,Forum etc are required. Can you please recommend which version of dotnetnuke should I use for the development? Will the version choice varies the hosting cost? It will be good if you can provide some concrete differences and benefits / features between both version so that it will be easier to choose the version? Thanks in advance
Lee Sykes
DNN Creative Staff
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Nuke Master VI

09/17/2006 6:20 AM  

The features for both versions are the same, the difference is that 3.x runs on asp.net 1.1 and 4.x runs on asp.net 2.0.

So all you have to do is ensure that your hosting provider supports asp.net 2.0

There should be no cost difference for this and most hosting providers should provide this.

If you are starting a fresh installation then I would use v4.3.5 which has just been released as a stabalization release which should fix a lot of the problems that people have been experiencing.

The most stable version is v3.1 - DNN C is currently running on 3.2.2 - but the now released 4.3.5 should be stable. - 4.3.5 will allow you to easily upgrade DNN for future versions and module releases so this will probably be your best bet.

Hope this provides some clues.

Lee Sykes
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