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Payal Potdar

05/17/2016 12:53 AM
    I am implementing custom registration in dnn. So, we have additional properties for registration. I have created Profile properties and inserted data into it.
    Is this procedure is wrong or should I have to create another table for that additional attributes and save data into that table.
    Which is best practice?
    Andy Stephenson DNN Creative
    DNN Creative Staff
    Nuke Master VI
    Nuke Master VI

    05/18/2016 11:28 AM
    Hi Payal,

    This is a very fair question which I am debating myself now. So here is the answer:

    1 - If you will NOT have too many users (under 5K) and IF you will not have too many additional properties, I would say that it is ok to use the custom fields that DNN allows you to add;

    2 - However if you will have too many users (beyond 5K) and if you will have many custom properties, I recommend using a separate table of your own and link it to the users table via the UserId. This is because the way DNN stores the additional fields is not optimized for performance;

    That is my 2 cents.