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farzad shahbazi

07/22/2012 12:56 AM
    I have a problem in menu website.
    I want menu right to left .
    I'm using the following code.

    indicatechildren="false" controlorientation="Horizontal" cssnoderoot="main_dnnmenu_rootitem"
    cssnodehoverroot="main_dnnmenu_rootitem_hover" cssnodeselectedroot="main_dnnmenu_rootitem_selected"
    cssbreadcrumbroot="main_dnnmenu_rootitem_selected" csscontainersub="main_dnnmenu_submenu"
    cssnodehoversub="main_dnnmenu_itemhover" cssnodeselectedsub="main_dnnmenu_itemselected"
    csscontainerroot="main_dnnmenu_container" csscontrol="main_dnnmenu_bar" cssbreak="main_dnnmenu_break" />

    I have attached photos of the menu.

    Joseph Craig

    07/23/2012 8:33 PM
    I am not expert at all in right to left menus. I'd recommend that you visit the Localization forum at You may find people there with much more experience.

    Joe Craig, Patapsco Research Group
    Complete DNN Support
    dekorasyon akın
    Nuke Newbie
    Nuke Newbie

    02/12/2013 11:35 AM
    Do not have that information?
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