How to Display pdf in Modal Popup
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Nuke Ace
Nuke Ace

11/29/2015 9:06 PM
    Hi all

    I want to display a pdf document inside a modal popup. Opening the pdf by linking it lets the user inadvertently leave the web site. However, in a modal, clicking the X in the corner of the popup keeps the user on the site.

    Note: I already have page and module content displaying in popups. That's not the issue. The problem is getting a pdf to do the same. Are there any alternatives short of turning the pdf into a jpg or png? This is not a good choice because it would require constant attention as the pdf documents change frequently.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


    Joseph Craig

    11/30/2015 8:25 AM
    You could display the PDF file in an iframe (using the DNN Iframe module at Pop it up the way you are popping up modules.

    Joe Craig, Patapsco Research Group
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