ISSUE 20 - problem with IIS
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Nuke Master

02/24/2009 1:07 AM

    My question isn't directly related to DNN, but I think maybe somebody has made the same experience and may have a solution for me. Several searches in google haven't helped so far ...

    I am going through issue 20 -installing DNN on localhost.

    The VM Workstation is already installed + xp pro + IIS. Now IIS fails to stablish a connection to (http://localhost and also . First it asks for a username and password and doesn't accept the windows login creditials After I hit Cancel it tries to go to http://localhost/localstart.asp and says "You are not authorized to view this page " HTTP 401.2 ".   

    Any idea please?

    Joseph Craig

    02/24/2009 10:44 AM
    You can try several different things to try to determine where the problem lies.

    • Put a file named index.htm in your web directory.  This can be a simple html file with something as simple as "Hello, World!" in it.  If you browse to your site and see that file being served, then you know that IIS is configured at least to point to the right directory.
    • Rename index.htm to app_offline.htm.  You might also want to slightly change the text.  Again, if browsing to the site serves up that file, you know that ASP.NET is working.
    • Delete app_offline.htm and try again.  If there is an error serving the DotNetNuke site, you know that the problem is with the way you have configured DotNetNuke, not IIS.
    If you are getting a pop-up window that asks for a username/password, that means that your web directory doesn't have the correct permissions. Review this tutorial again:  How to install DotNetNuke 4.5 to Windows XP Pro with IIS

    Joe Craig, Patapsco Research Group
    Complete DNN Support