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In this tutorial we provide a detailed demonstration of how to implement the DotNetNuke Advanced Login Module by InteractiveWebs. The Advanced Login Module features a Facebook connector, jQuery Popup, Skin Login and Region data import tool. You can also redirect users to specific pages based on their security role or block users based on their IP address. We show you step by step how to install and setup these powerful features.

The videos contain:
  • Video 1 - How to Install Advanced Login and Facebook Authentication
  • Video 2 - Configuring the Advanced Login Module
  • Video 3 - Enabling Popup Login, Email Templates, Configuring Facebook Login
  • Video 4 - Configuring the Advanced Login Module as the Default Login in DotNetNuke
  • Video 5 - Popup Login for Login Skin Tokens, Look and Feel, Redirection
Total Time Length: 48min 12secs
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The new 'Dynamics Forms' module from Data Springs, makes it easier than ever to segment your data collection efforts. It's loaded with dynamic options such as easy-to use question set-ups, a variety of instant re-direct options based on their input, and the ability to quickly view the data for analysis.

Whether you use the information for marketing, sales, communications, scheduling, information requests, surveys, or to simply better understand their needs, the possibilities for creating powerfully effective forms are now easy and endless.
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Enterprise Forms is the first DotNetNuke module with an embeddable workflow engine for dynamic web forms generation and content management. It is a workflow enabled application providing business users and developers alike with the ability to develop form and content management systems. 
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XMod enables you to create solutions that meet the unique needs of your site. With it, you can create custom data entry forms and displays for that data - without having to be a programmer. When you invest in XMod, you don't just get a single module. You get hundreds or thousands of modules because XMod enables you to build so many different solutions.
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