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This is a 43min podcast interview with Tom Kraak from Seablick Consulting discussing Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Following on from last month's interview with Jeff Smith, we have been lucky enough to get hold of Tom Kraak to continue our discussion on Search Engine Optimization within DotNetNuke.
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This is a 22min podcast interview with Jeff Smith from Venexus discussing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with DotNetNuke.

The last time we had Jeff Smith with us was back in issue 4 where we talked about Search Engine Optimization. We have been lucky enough to get Jeff back after 2 years to share some more of his knowledge with us.
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This is a detailed 60 minute mp3 interview by Lee Sykes with Jeff Smith from Venexus, Inc.

In this interview we discuss Search Engine Optimization and the various techniques you can use to ensure your DotNetNuke portal is fully Search Engine Optimized.

The interview covers a range of topics which are essential knowledge for all DotNetNuke users, module developers and skin designers.

  • Initial keyword research before creating a website
  • Using multiple domain names and how to avoid penalisation from the Search Engines
  • The skin design process and tricks for SEO
  • Search Engine Optimized content
  • Content and links
  • Problems caused by certain modules for SEO
  • Duplicate content and problems caused by the default installation of DotNetNuke
  • Website marketing & promotion options
  • Monitoring your marketing success

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