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DotNetMushroom Rapid Application Developer (RAD) is a new application builder for DotNetNuke. It was launched at OpenForce Europe this year. The scope of DNM RAD is to allow a user or developer to build an application which is made up of tables, queries, and forms.

This is a quick start guide to using DNM RAD. In this article we demonstrate how to create a table for news items, create a form to insert or edit news records, and display the results in another form.
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Are you aware of the licenses for your DotNetNuke modules and skins? You may be using a module or skin illegally without realising. This article highlights the typical licenses used in DNN along with how protecting a modules code can help to sustain the DotNetNuke development community for the future.

Software Piracy – A Small Business Epidemic
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How to monetize your DNN website. Discussing the advertising methods from pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale. Through to the programmes available, such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Networks. As well as setting up subscriptions and a store. Using DotNetNuke can set each of these methods up for free.

How to make money from your DotNetNuke website
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In this article we give you an introduction to Google Adsense and provide some tips and resources for getting the most from Adsense on your websites. These tips will help you to improve your click-through-rate (CTR) and therefore your Adsense earnings.

Introduction to Google Adsense, how to easily monetize your website
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This tutorial explains XHTML and how to improve your skin and module coding standards by implementing the XHTML rules. It covers:
  • Examples
  • Why bother with XHTML compliant code? What’s it all about?
  • How does this affect DotNetNuke?
  • The XHTML standards also need to be adhered to by module developers. Why?
And further resources.
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Learning to develop web-sites using web standards is a bit like learning the guitar, it's fairly easy to get started but to master it takes years of hard work and learning. With the right approach you can become more efficient.

This article provides an introduction to web standards, accessibility, CSS, creating bulletproof websites, along with a list of useful resources to get you started.
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Two big things have just happened in Google-land: Jagger and Google Analytics. Together, these two events may have changed the face of search forever.

Find out about the latest Google updates and the future of SEO.
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This is a detailed 60 minute mp3 interview by Lee Sykes with Jeff Smith from Venexus, Inc.

In this interview we discuss Search Engine Optimization and the various techniques you can use to ensure your DotNetNuke portal is fully Search Engine Optimized.

The interview covers a range of topics which are essential knowledge for all DotNetNuke users, module developers and skin designers.

  • Initial keyword research before creating a website
  • Using multiple domain names and how to avoid penalisation from the Search Engines
  • The skin design process and tricks for SEO
  • Search Engine Optimized content
  • Content and links
  • Problems caused by certain modules for SEO
  • Duplicate content and problems caused by the default installation of DotNetNuke
  • Website marketing & promotion options
  • Monitoring your marketing success

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An email interview with Scott Schecter from Schecter Technology Solutions discussing Podcasting, how it works, the benefits it can bring to your business and Scott's DotNetNuke® Podcasting module, NukeSyndicate.
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If you’re wondering how to get started with RSS marketing, here’s a basic 7-step plan that should provide some needed guidance. Use these steps as your personal RSS marketing checklist to get you started and help you see whether you’re on the right track.
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